How to Make the Transition From Live to Online Poker

poker online

Poker has long existed in the backs of smoky bars and casinos but online poker has taken it to another level. It is now possible to play for money, prizes or even satellite entries into the world’s top live tournaments. In addition players can now play from the comfort of their own homes and on mobile devices.

For players making the transition from live to online poker there is a learning curve that they need to overcome. For example, many new players find the speed of the game challenging. Compared to live play there is generally only a small amount of time between each hand and as a result the average player is exposed to double the number of hands per hour.

Other things to get used to include the ability to play multiple tables at once. This can be daunting but is actually quite easy once you learn the nuances of the game. It is also important to use a HUD or heads-up display so that you can identify the type of players at your table. For example, weak players will often fold to light 3-bets so it is important to target them.

One thing that all players need to understand is that it takes a lot of skill and patience to be successful in poker online. The best players are able to make consistent profits over the long term. They work on their game by signing up for training sites, networking with pros and brutally analyzing their play after every session.