Rap against Citizenship Amendment Bill


Lets get to the point
And cut the Pragati crap
You had 5 full years to clean up all of the crap.
But everytime somebody pointed out a fault.
All you argue is Congress did that.
Congress did this.
But you never wanna talk about where you failed and you missed.
Your strategy has always been about the blame.
And in the next campaign it's still gonna be the same.
The same blame game.
Now Let's talk about citizenship amendment.
The constitution kinda feels redundant
Kinda feels like you made secularism redundant.
Cause Now you back to dividing religions
Giving your minions
Our land to spread their seeds on.
Feed on.
Leech on.
Given the area
India the most populated
And it's gonna get worse
Cause of the bill you created.
We ain't even got enough space for the ones that we have.
You ain't doing enough to feed the ones the we have .
You ain't doing enough to shelter the ones that we have.
You couldn't even save 15 miners in the northeast with the whole country watching this.
Now fresh immigrants should be a part of this?
Man - elephant conflict result of this
No jobs so they poaching, result of this
Deforestation and erosion, cause of this.
And you dumb bhakts still don't get this
Common sense is hard to find when
There ain't any.
Ya'll are like dumb sheep there's way too many.
You wanted more like you so you sacrifice my NE.

Stop thinking money
Start thinking welfare.
But that's the problem with you You're too obsessed with power
And the money shower.
All you damn cowards
Why You scared to take em all to Gujarat ?
Oh that messes up your plans of making your city smart .
So you mess up our land.
Sacrifice the north east and leave it to be damned
With 10 lakh immigrants we gonna be crammed.
No more mountains, tourist spots, no clean rivers.
Scope for hate crimes giving everybody shivers.
You just gave the license to 3 countries to dump their population on us.

Lord save us.
Cause our leader failed us. (3x)

Im surprised ya'll still don't see the Hippocricy
I remember your Assam campaign speech.
"Jab bhajpa power mein Aayega toh Bangaladeshi
ko hum boriya bistar baandhke Karen denge Gul."
And now we gonna be full.
With those you thought he'd rid you from
Kintu politicianei nokore laaz shorom.
Go on pass the bill.
Watch thousands kill In your name.
Cause to you this is just a game
But our lives and lands are at stake
And your agenda for progress is fake

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