Amur Falcon festival host in Nagaland

Amur falcon

The Nagaland Tourism is again gearing up for the first-ever Amur Falcon Conservation Week and Festivals which will kick-off from November 8 at Doyang, Wokha district, Nagaland. 

The festival celebrates Amur Falcons that travel up to 22,000 km per year, and come from South Eastern Siberia and Northern China.
The main objective behind this initiative is to spread awareness on wildlife conservation and strengthen human-nature relationship, the department maintained.The Amur Falcon festival will be a three-day affair with a host of attractions for tourists and guests. 

The Amur Falcon Festival is coinciding with a local festival, called Tokhu Emong, which is a post-harvest festival, celebrated by Lotha Nagas.
The festival, is celebrated to observe and acknowledge the bountiful harvest showered on them by the Almighty. 

According to the Nagaland Tourism site, it has been discovered that the Doyang region gets almost one million Amur Falcons each year, and this makes it one of the biggest congregations for these beautiful birds. 

This is also the best season to indulge in outdoor activities here in this part of Nagaland; hence, the festival will open a wide range of outdoor activities for tourists. 

There is a range of wildlife conservation activities such as awareness campaigns, wildlife films, nature treks, cross country race, bird-watching, and nature photography contest. Cultural events such as tug-of-war, fire-making, bamboo pole climbing, catapult shooting, and exhibition of indigenous arts and crafts are also major highlights. Then, there will also be eco-tourism activities such as rural homestays, boating, development of hiking routes and more.

Other activities include water sports such as boating, swimming, and diving. You will not be going home without some music, so you also have a music festival and amazing local food to go with it.

How to reach wokha?

Firstly if you are a visitor you need to reach dimapur via train,bus or by flight.

 Secondly read the following instruction:


To reach Wokha one can take Bus or Taxi service directly from dimapur. Nagaland State Transport buses(NST) and shuttle services are easily available in Dimapur.


If visiting Dimapur via train then first you need to get down at Dimapur. From the railway station, take a bus or car to reach Wokha.


Dimapur airport, to wokha is 124 kilometer. Dimapur Airport is connected to cities like Dibrugarh, Delhi, and Kolkata. From the airport, one can easily get buses, and car to reach Wokha.

source:morungexpress ,timesofindia

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