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Following are some of  the places to visit in Mizoram, Northeast India


Aizawl is the capital of the state of Mizoram in India.

With a resident population of 293,416, it is the largest city in the state.

It is also the centre of administration containing all the important government offices, state assembly house and civil secretariat.

The population of Aizawl strongly reflects the different communities of the ethnic Mizo people.

Durtlang Hills:


Sunrise and sunset are best viewed on a hill top.

Here is one such place that will leave you with this exquisite experience.

Looking through the splendour of greens and kissing the morning rays makes you feel absolutely amazing at Durtlang Hills.



Look down the cliff and let yourself loose into the hands of nature.

Feel the tickle in your stomach and let the cold breeze touch your cheeks. Paikhai will not only sooth your eyes but also your soul.

Vantawng Falls:

vantawng fallls

This great water fall is a visual treat as it generates a seven storey cliff on its fall. I

t is surrounded by the bamboos making it look much more beautiful.

It leaves every tourist mesmerised as it paves way into the valleys of Mizoram.



Located at an altitude of 1678 m, Champhai overlooks the largest plains in the state of Mizoram.

It offers a spectacular view of Myanmar’s hill ranges.

It is famously referred to as the ‘Fruit Bowl of Mizoram’.

It is also home to ancient relics and monuments, which reflect the rich past of the land.

Given below are some of the leading tourist attractions in Champhai.


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