Reverse Racism: Artist from northeast India shows mirror to society (Video)

There have been multiple incidents in the past when people from north eastern have fallen victims to physical abuse due to their appearance. Recently, there has been an increase in the crimes against them with a lot of them being told that they were not Indians. In most cases, they have always been subjected to physical abuse, racial slurs, and (pseudo) stereotypical comments. Here is a video that tries to explain how the situation would be if rest of people of India would be generalised like people from north eastern have been all this while.
This viral video on Youtube pulls your attention towards an exact opposite situation of the same. What would be the situation if the rest of the Indians would be generalised too, in the same manner, the people from north-east have been. This hard-hitting letter on racism meted out to a Northeast woman is sure to touch your heart!

Miss Imsong, in her short video and takes a jibe at how rest of the Indians tag their names as “complicated”. For an instance, she believes she can now call Mukesh Kejriwal – as simply, Moo! Taking at dig at North Indians she comments, “All of you guys really look alike. I don’t want to be racist but it’s the eyes.” Imsong titled the video – ‘Presumptuous Chinky assumes the North Indian way’, which is fully-loaded with satires. She tries to explain how would it feel if the people from north-east are asked the same kind of stereotypical questions. Imsong is an assistant designer in Mumbai and also does comedy and theatre.

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