The Policeman said, “People from Northeast don’t speak Hindi and eat humans” And Read how this Chinky Northeasterner gives a fitting reply

Johnson Rajkumar’s FB post is in response to a news story in which a cop tells JNU students that people from Northeast eat humans.

(The writer wrote this in response to this article.)

Dear Delhi Police,

You might think that we, “CHINKIES” eat humans. Let me tell you what all we eat.

1. We eat PATRIARCHY. We don’t have female foeticide like you do. We don’t sell our daughters with dowry.

2. We eat FORCEFUL MARRIAGE. The concept of arranging the marriage of our son/daughters to a stranger happens only with you

3. We eat CASTE SYSTEM. Discriminating people on the basis of birth and the idea of purity/impurity doesn’t happen in Northeast like it happens in India.

4. We eat MORAL POLICING. You tell your son/daughters what to wear, whom to love, what type of hairstyle they should have. But we don’t.

5. We eat MORONS. We don’t have morons like you in our part of our world.

We eat all of them and flush it down in the toilet just like your SHIT!


A Chinky boy.

PS: Now you can charge me with Section 124A of IPC.

(This first appeared on the writer’s Facebook page.)

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