Top finest Musicians from North East India

Be it the songs of the cuckoo in the burst of daylight or the sound of the crickets on a lazy afternoon. MUSIC is everywhere and Northeast  is all about music. In fact, here, music forms an integral part of the lives of the people. The diversity that exists in the music of North East is worth mentioning. Whether it be Folk and Tribal music, Rock and Roll, Hard Rock, Metal, Blues and Jazz and more recently the hip- hop, it is no doubt that the Northeast of India stands out in terms of the music diversity.

So, today i have listed some of the finest musicians and artists from Northeast India don’t get me misunderstood we eastern are blessed with mellifluously  impeccable talented musicians in which we take pride but to mention i have roll down only few Artist that has out-stand with their works.

Nise Meruno


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The youngest in this lists of musicians is Nise Meruno the classical pianist from Nagaland. He was only six when he took to the piano and tinkled out a tune. Classical music has been deep rooted in Nise’s upbringing; his great-grandmother was taught piano by the American missionaries in Nagaland and his grandmother still performs. Nise’s father is a classical guitarist. In 2007, Nise was awarded the Governor’s Award for Excellence in music and has played for the prime minister and the president of the country. He has also played at different concerts across South East Asia.

Nise is currently working on Naga folk and classical compositions and hopes to promote Naga music.

Neil Nongkynrih

Neil Nongkynrih

Neil Nongkynrih was on born in Meghalaya (9 July 1970)  to AH Scott Lyngdoh, a former state minister of Meghalaya,
He was introduced to Mozart and Beethoven by his grand-aunt, learnt most of his initial lessons from his sister Pauline Warjri, a jazz musician. In 1988 Neil left for England to study music, against the wishes of his father. But now he is an award winning concert pianist, founder, mentor and conductor of Shillong Chamber Choir  (SCC) which won the reality show India’s Got Talent in 2010. He was awarded Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award of India in 2015.

Angarag Mahanta

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Angarag Mahanta, known by his stage name Papon,
He was born to the Assamese folk singer couple Khagen Mahanta and Archana Mahanta. He spent most of his childhood in Assam and he was introduced to music early on in his childhood.
Papon’s initial training was in Indian Classical, devotional (Borgeet) and folk music. He learnt vocals primarily but also plays other instruments too Although his first language is Assamese he has also sung in Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Marathi, Mishing and Bengali.
Papon has received several awards and honors, including three GIMA Award, two Jack Daniel’s Rock Awards, and a Screen Award. Assamese news channel News Live  awarded Mahanta the “Assamese of The Year” award for the year 2015.

He wishes to travel worldwide and perform in various music festivals. At the same time, he also wants to meet different musicians, be exposed to different forms of music and collaborate with various talented musicians to create amazing and beautiful music

John Mpamei

John Mpamei is a recording artist, singer-songwriter and musician. Born and raised in the violence-torn landscape of Manipur but  Political crisis and Social issue in Manipur could not stop him to achieve his dream. Mpamei is a dedicated, talented and resourceful musician who started his career as a Western Violinist under the supervision of Prof Herick Colby at the age of 13. The profound knowledge in music helped in extending the career to work in renowned schools internationally as a highly talented musician who choreographed and held concerts. being a serious and hardworking person he has  specialized in Guitar, Piano, Violin and vocal and now  he is currently working as a profound music teacher at Doha.

He is also the Frontman of the band called ‘ John Mpamei & the Band, nevertheless the band is internationally acclaim some of their works are aired on VH1 and also they had perform in various concert and various venue like Hard Rock cafe New-delhi, Attitude alive Gurgoan, Turqqiouse cottage saket, college feast, embassy etc and also participated during Hornbill festival Nagaland.

Mickma Tshering Lepcha

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Born on 19 August 1985 in Neardhang village of West Sikkim district in Sikkim, Mickma Tshering Lepcha imbibed the rich musical tradition of the region at an early age receiving formal training in Lepcha music from Shri Hildamit Lepcha under the Guru Shishya Parampara Training Programme sponsored by the Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre, Kolkata.
he has excelled as a player and performer of traditional Lepcha musical instruments and songs.

Mickma Tshering Lepcha is also a B High grade artist of All India Radio, Gangtok for both Lepcha music and instruments. He has also worked as a Guru for Lepcha Puntong Polit (Lepcha Traditional Flute) under the Guru Shisya Parampara. He has trained a large number of students of the region, making a significant contribution in promotion and preservation of Lepcha culture. As a versatile singer, he has sung as well as composed music for many albums including Eternity Remix of Lepcha and Bhutia Songs, Folk Melodies of Himalayas, etc. He has represented his State at various major festivals in the country.

For his dedicated work in preserving and promoting Lepcha culture, Mickma Tshering Lepcha has been honoured with the Young Talent Award conferred by the North East Zonal Cultural Centre, Dimapur, in 2011.
 He also receives the Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar for the year 2011 for his notable talent in the field of Lepcha music of Sikkim.


Ujjayinee Roy

Ujjayinee Roy

Ujjayinee Roy is Born and brought up in Agartala, trained in Hindustani classical music and apart from being a professional singer, she is also a Bharatnatyam danseuse. She trained as a singer under two gurus, Shri Ganesh Dev Burman and then Pandit Ramendranath Dey,

By the time she was eighteen, Ujjayinee was a graded artist and composer with All India Radio. Ujjayinee was schooled in her hometown of Agartala before earning a physiology degree at Maharaja Bir Bikram College in 1996. During the early days of her musical career, she had also been the founder member of bands like Tribe and Aurko, and was also a participant in popular reality shows likes SaReGaMa (Zee Television) and Pop Stars (Channel V). She later moved on to work on films, notably recording for albums including A.R Rahman, Harris Jayaraj and Devi Sri prasad.

In 2011, Ujjayinee met guitar player and music producer from Germany and Los Angeles, Ed DeGenaro and collaborated with him for his fusion album “Holiday in Madras” lending her voice as well as co-producing some of the tracks. The pair later married and she then toured with him as the vocalist of his band and in the process, experimented with various styles and genres of music in the album and later co-produced and lent her voice for Ed’s album “The Elektrik Circus”. She also worked on her own independent album called “This Feels Right”, some of the songs of which she has already released as singles. She has also released another original compilation called “Novocain For The Soul” with music producer Amit Gupta. The pair later married during 2017.


Takar Nabam

Takar Nabam

Takar Nabam is a guitarist, singer songwriter, born on February 20, 1991 in Doimukh, Arunachal pradesh. In 2002, Takar was gifted his first guitar on the condition that he could not let his academics take a back seat. So began his love story of fretting around regularly, something he religiously follows to this day. During 2005-2012, his expertise on the guitar had won him many individual accolades and he along with his supportive, hardworking and talented band mates won best band category, consecutively. He was also a part of the renowned progressive metal outfit from New Delhi,‘GUILLOTINE’, which opened for Metallica in 2010.

Takar wanted to take his music to a more professional dimension. Being a self taught musician for almost a decade, he felt the urge to learn and explore newer sounds so in 2012-2013, he attended two semesters at Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music, where he received a diploma in Music performance. During this time he was exposed to Jazz, Classical composers, etc. Also, he had opened up to singing, arranging, playing the piano, and writing lyrics.

Takar released his debut album, Same Sky, in early 2016. which was massive hit nationally and international.
His second album, This Home That Home, came out in March 2018. The album received a 3 star rating by Rolling Stone India. Songs from this album‘Independent Route’ and‘Receding’ were on Apple Music ‘Top Indian Indie releases’ Playlist and ‘Top 10 Summer songs’ by Rolling Stone India. To promote the launch of this album, he toured 10 cities in India as ‘TAKAR NABAM TRIO’ between April-May.

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