Paoki | Traditional paddy transplantation festival | A Tourism Festival

Paoki is a Traditional Paddy Transplantation Festival celebrated by Poumai Naga Tribe. This Video is a glimpse of Purul (Hiimai) village Paoki, which is also a Tourism Festival – It’s been recognised by Manipur Tourism.

DAY 1 | RAHNAI ZHOU : Rituals | arranging meat, fish and food for guests.

DAY 2 | THAOPAI ZHOU: Uprooting paddy seedlings | Guests arrival | Indigenous Wrestling Competition.

DAY 3 | KHANAI ZHOU : Main Celebration day | Paddy seedling Transplantation Work is fun during Paoki.

Male folks roam around the paddy fields and help the works of women folks in the fields. Food and indigenous drinks are served lavishly for every guest who comes to celebrate the festival.

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