IPS Robin Hibu | This Unique Police Officer brings out the real unknown facts about North East India

“Ek Mulaqat Shilpa Bhawana ke Saath” – Every Sunday 4:25 pm on NEWS 24 Episode 8 Strengthening the bond of Unity in Diversity, IPS Robin Hibu shares the incident that changed his life for becoming an IPS officer.

This Unique officer has also donated his own home for the social good.

Further, he discussed about the out of the box initiatives of a NGO which is being started by serving North-East IAS & IPS Officers along with some all India Philanthropists, Business Houses, Professionals etc.

For the first time in Public, IPS Robin Hibu shares his feelings for his deceased sister whose last rites were performed even without him being informed. His words for the country and citizens really melted Shilpa Bhawana and made all of us think again about the Unity of our country.

“Ek Mulaqat Shilpa Bhawana ke Saath” is a Candid Talk Show depicting many social aspects and personalities coming from different walks of life.

Produced by BKT MEDIA PVT. LTD.

Concept & Direction by SIDHANT ‘SAHEB JI’


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