Assam ‘Golden Butterfly’ tea sold at Rs 75,000 per kg sets record

Guwahati Tea Auction Centre (GTAC) on tuesday set a world record again by selling Assam “Golden Butterfly” Tea at Rs 75,000 per kg.The “Golden Butterfly” is a specialty tea and is produced by the Dikom Tea Estate near Dibrugarh.

Dinesh Bihani secretary of GTAC said that the tea was bought by one of the oldest shop in Guwahati M/s Assam Tea Traders for theirs customers.

In the world, the (GTAC) is giving an opportunity to all the sellers who want to sell their teas at remunerative prices. The best tea are always a good demand and buyers are ever ready to pay a handsome price.

In the world of tea, this auction has created of an image where records are meant to be broken and history is meant to be re-written.

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