ACAUT 7 Point Resolutions

1. Urges the Government of India (GoI) to expedite the political process for early and lasting political solution to the protracted Naga political problem by inviting all Naga political groups without further delay.

2. Government of Nagaland (GoN) to remove the unconstitutional posts of Advisor and Parliamentary Secretaries

3. GoN to summon a special NLA session to pass the Lokayukta bill 2017, to check all forms corruptions, mismanagement and siphoning of public funds and immediately terminate all backdoor.

4. Roads and Bridges (R&B) Department to start maintenance and construction of roads and bridges in Nagaland with the funds already drawn by the department till date.

5. Free and fair inquiry by central investigation agencies to bring out the truth of siphoning of PDS items, fuel adulteration and other developmental funds.

6. CBI inquiry into MKR. Pillai case.

7. ACAUT to support the Clean Election movement spearheaded by NBCC and other Churches on the slogan “One Man One Vote” to choose the leader of one’s choice.

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