10 Reasons Why It Is Amazing To Date A Girl From The Northeast

  1. That Smile
    Who would not want to drown in her highly infectious smile that spreads from one end of the eye another?
  2. Great Cooks
    If you are a foodie, expect a large amount of delicious cuisines time and again. From #Assamese delicacies to #Naga cuisine and #Tripuri dishes, you can have a wide range of choices to pick your food from. Some of these dishes also contain natural herbs that can bring about a positive effect on your health.
  3. Impeccable Sense Of Fashion
    Her sense of fashion can give top fashion designers a run for their money. They have quirky and innovative fashion tricks up their sleeves that make them look flawless instantly. She will make you realise that it is not only great and expensive brands that make you look good.
  4. Knack For Music
    She is probably the only one who can beat you in your passion for music. It is almost as though music is in their blood. From traditional folk songs to rock and metal, they seem to sing and play it all.
  5. Courageous
    There is something about these women from the Northeast. They have great courage and resilience. Independent and self reliant, they will take no bull crap.
  6. Modern Yet Rooted
    She will dress up her best and party hard with you while at the same time, she knows all about her roots and culture. Every reason to feel proud about eh?!
  7. Open Minded And Liberal In Approach
    …and this quality of hers will always motivate and encourage you.
  8. You Get To Know About Things You Never Did Before
    will wake the inner adventurous side of you in a good and positive way
  9. Kind-hearted
    This quality should be self-explanatory. We are all aware about the #NorthEastIndian racialstereotypes that people hurl at them. After all this, they forgive the guilty. However, remember that as their better-half it is your responsibility to protect them from stereotypes and not become a part of the ignorant system.
  10. Devotedly Committed
     You can expect unconditional love and support during the best and worst of times. They will be by your side at all times lending the much-needed support and foundation that every relationship needs to sustain.

Dating is fun, but the experience varies with different regional ethnicities. With a
North Eastern belle alongside you, there can be several other fun experiences to cherish.

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