About Us

We are a start up focused on publishing stories of northeast india. We want to publish stories about the people of north east, and the places in north east india.

We want to bring the best of articles related to the people of north east india. North-east India is a different place altogether compared to the other parts of India.

We want to bring to the fore these unique group of people as well as the places, many unexplored and unknown to the world.

We want to focus on positive and encouraging stories of the people of the land, whether they are living in north-east india or outside their homeland.

We also want to bridge these unexplored lands and make it more familiar to people who want to know more about us.

We want to accomplish through the use of articles, photos and videos available for our use.

We have different categories to make it easier to browse through the articles. We will  continually update the site with interesting and relevant articles and wish that you keep visiting us.